Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or

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Country – Region: Scotland – Highland
Distillery: Glenmorangie
Type: Single Malt
Age: 12
Cask: Bourbon & Sauternes
ABV: 46.0%

Burun: Mango ve papaya gibi tropikal meyve aromaları, lime ve narenciye kabuğu, incir, hurma ve sultana üzümünü tamamlayan hindistan cevizi ve muskat aromaları var. Çok zengin bir buruna sahip.
Damak: Gövdeli ve kremamsı bir yapıya sahip. Muskat, badem, limon ve tahıl tatları bulunmakla beraber bunun tamamlayan baharatlar ve yeşil bitki aromaları bulunmakta. 
Bitiş: Bitişi uzun ve tatlımsı. Beyaz çikolata, vanilya harika bir bitiş yaratıyor.

Nose: Tropical fruit aromas such as mango and papaya are existent. It becomes richer by lime, citrus, fig, date and sultanas. A very rich and complex aroma is observed in this whisky.
Palate: Nectar D’Or has a Thick and creamy texture. Contains nutmeg, almonds, lemon and grainy taste.
Finish: Long and sweet. White chocolate, vanilla creates and excellent finish.

The most special whisky of Glenmorangie’s “Extra Matured” series according to me. It completes a 12 year maturation period in ex-bourbon casks and then it is finished in famous French Sauternes casks on wine residue.

Beside having a white wine palate experience, it also possesses a rich aroma character. I always recall the term “Liquid Gold” when I observe the bottle.

It is a really great whisky to drink in summer months, however I never thought not drinking it through the year.


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