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Types of whisky glasses differ from each other both in physical means and also according to the needs of consumer.

Which glass type is the best then? The infamous tumbler? Or tulip shaped Glencairn? Or maybe Turkish tea glass?


Known as the classic tasting glass for wines and spirits, Copita is a great way to taste any type of whisky. With its narrow mouth and large chamber, every character of the spirit can be observed.

Pros & Cons

Stem helps to prevent hand contact, thus also prevents sudden temperature increase. Easy to swirlto decant and focused aromatic experience through the narrow mouth.

The Glencairn

Tulip shaped Glencairn is a new glass but it has already become the official whisky glass in most of the markets. Good for both tasting and daily sipping.

Pros & Cons

Easy to swirl whisky to decant. Tulip shape helps to transmit aromas and flavors efficiently. Short and stiff stem prevents temperature increase.
One negative thing is it prevents eye contact.

The Tumbler

Classic, charismatic, nice to hold one. Though is every thing really about appearance?

Pros & Cons

Tumbler is good for drinkers who likes it on rocks. It is also good for bourbon and blend drinkers as sharp notes will dissipate quickly. Though hand contact will increase the temperature and nose is not focused.

Canada Glencairn

Known as the Canadian Glencairn is generally used for blended whiskies by me and I find it useful for those.


Canadian Glencairn has the same physical attributes with regular one though in a scaled up way. Loses aromas quickly but good for ice usage and social drinking.

Nerede Bulurum?

Riedel Vinum

Crystal, elegant and fragile. But even the creators accepted that it was not a successful glass!

Pros & Cons

Main aim of Vinum was to transmit the flavors to every point on the tongue with its frizzled mouth. Though later on this shape also resulted in loss of aromas. Plus it was way more expensive then The Glencairn.


Snifter is usually known as the Cognac glass. Though a lot of aficionados use this glass when drinking whisky or beer.

Pros & Cons

Fun to hold, increased surface area increases aeration. Expect some hand contact but really charismatic and good for social drinking.

The Neat

NEAT, 'Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology' has a technical point of view. They claim NEAT gets rid of light ethanol particles very fast in order to have intense aromas.

Pros & Cons

Structural theory is definitely right but the glass has a small size and hand contact increases the temperature very fast.

Nerede Bulurum?

Turkish Tea Glass

Large volume, frizzled mouth. Like a combination of Glencairn, Neat, Copita and Riedel with a Turkish tradition.

Pros & Cons

Actually why not? Mouth could be narrower and hand contact is a big issue. But in hard times, it can help!

Denver & Liely

Bring Tumbler and Snifter together and do it by hand blowing. Australian miracle.

Pros & Cons

Large volume with a narrower mouth. Charismatic and good looking with increased surface area. Aroma focus is really good. Can get warm quickly.

Wedge by Corkcicle

For the ones who cannot give up on ice. Leave it in the fridge and freeze!

Pros & Cons

Less dilution and cold drinking is pros. Not good for single malts for loss of aromas.

Of course every one has different tastes and habits. My favourites are The Glencairn, Denver & Liely and Tumbler.

For tasting I would definitely go for The Glencairn and Copita. For daily drinking Denver & Liely is awesome.



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